Hi, this is my first picture blog. I’ve been planning to start this blog for quite some time.

I have large t-shirt collection, since this is the only type of clothes that I’m wearing at work or home. And I never wear the same tee 2 days in a row.

I’ve been ordering tees from variuos stores and designing my own for a while. But in Oct-11 I stumbled on to the Teefury.com site and was blown away. A unique tee every day, and only sold for 24 hours and then gone for ever(almost). After a while I found shirtpunch.com which has the same concept, but have 3 designs every day. So these two sites are my daily poison.

And through these I’ve found other sites were the artists/designers sell their tees, i.e. shirtwoot.com and threadless.com, laFraise.fr, neatoshop.com, teeturtle.com, chunkclothing.com

I almost forgot my favourite site of them all, the one that sells tees with references that almost always has to be explained to people. It has been described as the store for tee buyers that think movie title references on the tee is too easy. The site is LastExitToNowhere.com. Here you can find tees with ads for the new replicant model or the latest record from Autobahn.

One reason for starting this blog is count my tees, since that is the most comon question I get “How many tees do you actually have?”, and I alway have to answer “I don’t know”.

Some of my own designs won’t be that much fun for others, since the almost everyone is in Swedish and are quite often referencing work releted stuff, but I will make a translation and a short explination if possible.

“You’re the Imelda Marcos of tees” D.

“You have to stop buying” my mom

Please enjoy

Henrik Fakir