Year 2

Today, 5th of February, my tee-a-day quest is over. When I set out I had no idea how many tees I had. Roughly I knew that I had about 50 black tees and 30 red ones. So I started this photo blog to count them all. If I had just pictured my existing tees I would have been finished with around 200 tees. But I actually increased my buying of new tees.

To spice thing up I’ve had a couple themed weeks, it started with The Simpsons and Star Wars. But the first proper was the Cookie Monster Week, which has been followed by 2 more CMW. Then there has been HKMW and MMW, Hello Kitty Mash-up Week and Minion Mash-up Week.

So how should I continue?  I realized that I cannot continue with daily tees, but I will continue to post tees. The daily posts will change name from “Dag 012” to “Tee 378”.

I will also do new themed weeks.

See U on the other side

Yours Sincerely
Henrik Fakir