Year 3

So, the second year has come and gone. I’d set out to see how many tees I actually own, but my buying of new tees increased during the first year. This second year I’ve tried to restrain my buying. It has been tricky, it is some sort of addiction.
I’ve tried to focus on just acquiring tees of a certain theme. During this year I’ve had more themed weeks, such as Cookie Monster Week, Ice Cream Mashup Week, Cereal Mashup Week and Star Wars.
Just by luck I managed to get 2 anniversaries in one, the 2 year was combined with Tee 500.

Some of my coworkers wonder where I store all my tees. Fortunately I have a large walk-in-closet, with shelves. I manage to squeeze in approx 30 tees piled on each other. They are wedged in between the shelf and the ceiling. This stores between 200-250 tees, the problem is that it is quite hard to remove tees without all of them falling down. I’ve also bought 5 large plastic boxes to store tees that I will never wear again, approx 150.

This Christmas I actually got a something to help with the storing. I got a fold help thingie. Just as the one that Sheldon Cooper has in “The Big Bang Theory”. It is very useful, they are extremely neatly folded.

See you in a year.